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Root Canal Treatment Saves Your Tooth from Extractions

Root canal treatment is used to save a severely damaged tooth from extraction. When the interior pulp of a tooth becomes damaged by an infection or decay, a root canal treatment cleans out the inside of a tooth, so the infected matter is removed.

Two possible causes for the inner pulp of a tooth to become damage are a fracture leading to a bacterial infection or a very deep cavity that has reached the inside of the tooth. When the interior of a tooth starts to rot, it is likely that the individual will experience swollen gums, a serious toothache and temperature sensitivity. A root canal treatment will relieve these symptoms.

When providing root canal, the goal is to clean out the damaged inner material and the protect the tooth with medicated fillings and a dental crown. To keep the tooth dry during the procedure, a rubber sheet will be applied around it. This helps to prevent the infection from spreading. Using special dental tools, we access the interior of the tooth from the top and remove any decayed and infected material. The next step is to flush out the root canals and clean the tooth all the way down to the root. Once the root canal is clean and free of harmful material, a medicated filling material is used to help ensure the tooth will remain healthy. Finally, a dental crown will be placed on top of the tooth to protect its structure.

A root canal procedure is often the best way to save an injured tooth from extraction and to restore your oral health. If you believe you may be suffering from a root canal infection, call us as soon as possible at (732) 257-7675 to set up an appointment.

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"I have been receiving dental services here when I'm traveling from my hometown in FL. Dr. Todd is totally amazing, and he's the only other dentist that I will allow to work on my teeth. I also got a superb zoom whitening treatment and after-care package. My teeth are movie-star white now! Really great staff and wonderful atmosphere. Prices are reasonable as well!"

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"I will only go the Todd to care for my pearly whites. He is kind, sweet and gentle and is an excellent Dentist. I was referred to him by my niece and have been going to him every since....Many many years now."

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