Periodontal Services in Tinton Falls, New Jersey

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Periodontal Services

In our beautiful, modern office, we use the latest equipment to ensure the best care for our patients. To learn more, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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The specialty area of periodontics focuses on the structures that support your teeth including the gums and bones.

Gum disease will occur when the gums become swollen and irritated from toxins found in plaque. Left untreated, gum disease will progress, and if allowed to reach the jawbone, it can cause tooth loss.

At Premier Dental Spa, we understand the importance of exceptional periodontal care; therefore, we have an experienced Periodontist on our team. We strongly urge patients suffering from this condition to see us immediately.

Periodontal Services
Offering Platelet-Rich Plasma

Offering Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

Our team is proud to offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment to our patients. PRP is a safe and convenient way to reduce pain, promote tissue growth, and reduce healing time after oral surgery. Our doctor takes PRP from your blood and injects it into bone or soft tissue after implant surgery, tooth extraction, or other procedure. PRP helps promote faster healing by increasing the growth of reparative cells created by your own body. It’s a safe, effective way to achieve a more comfortable recovery.

Our Specialty Services

Crowns &

Crowns & Bridges

For top-quality, natural-looking restorations, contact our expert team. We are here for your smile!

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Dental Implants

For permanent tooth replacement that looks, feels and functions just like the real thing, consider dental implants.

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Emergency Dentistry

When emergencies occur, visit your trusted local dentist. We offer same-day appointments for prompt care.

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Periodontal Services

Our periodontal treatments include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing
  • Gum Graft Surgery
  • Dental Crown Lengthening
  • Gingivectomy
  • Root Surface Debridement
  • Pocket Reduction
  • Osseous Surgery
  • Ridge Augmentation
  • Ridge Preservation
  • Regenerative Procedures
  • Sinus Lift
  • Bone Grafting

To learn more about our services and determine if you need periodontal care, give us a call today at (732) 257-7675 to set up an appointment.

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