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Mouth Guards: Protection for Oral Injuries

Whether protecting the teeth when during contact sports and activities or while sleeping, mouth guards play an important role in keeping teeth safe and healthy for a lifetime. If you are in need of a mouth guard for sports or sleep, contact Premier Dental Spa today and set up an appointment with Dr. Todd.

If you participate in sports or other contact activities, you know the importance of using the proper equipment. A mouth guard can be the difference between a healthy, beautiful smile and an expensive dental procedure. Our custom-made mouth guards are lightweight, high-quality plastic mouthpieces that fit over the top teeth and protect them from impact.

Mouth guards can also be worn at night to help prevent damage from clenching and teeth grinding. This kind of pressure can cause pain and wear on your teeth. Our custom-made night guards are comfortable and will help prevent jaw pain, worn-down teeth, damaged enamel, tooth sensitivity and headaches.

Our custom-made oral appliances are made from impressions of your teeth ensuring they are comfortable, allow you to speak and breathe normally, and offer the best protection. For more information, give us a call at (732) 257-7675 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"I have been receiving dental services here when I'm traveling from my hometown in FL. Dr. Todd is totally amazing, and he's the only other dentist that I will allow to work on my teeth. I also got a superb zoom whitening treatment and after-care package. My teeth are movie-star white now! Really great staff and wonderful atmosphere. Prices are reasonable as well!"

Starr A.

"Best experience ever! Super nice people! I am not afraid of dentists anymore!"

Nikolett M.

"I will only go the Todd to care for my pearly whites. He is kind, sweet and gentle and is an excellent Dentist. I was referred to him by my niece and have been going to him every since....Many many years now."

Lois S.
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