The Notorious Cavities and Their Solution

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According to studies, cavities or tooth decay affects a large number of Americans. However, most people do not know much about the said condition even if they are affected by it. So, to make more people aware of the dangers and culprits of cavities, here are the facts behind the myths about cavities.

tooth-colored fillings


Myth: The patient will be aware if they have cavities

Fact: The earliest case of cavities does not have any recognizable symptoms. Patients who do not see the dentist more often may know that they have it if there is pain already. However, the pain felt indicates that the damage has worsened and progressed to the nerves. Instead of a simple procedure, it may require a more complicated and even costly dental service.

Myth: Acidity from foods and beverages lead to cavities

Fact: The truth is, acidity causes the teeth to wear down over time. And since the structures are already compromised, they become more vulnerable to cavities.

Myth: Chewing aspirin will help alleviate pain

Fact: Instead of doing the mouth a favor, chewing on the said medicine can burn the gums and even lead to an abscess. It is best to do it the right way, by swallowing the pill for it to take effect properly.

Myth: Teeth clenching leads to cavities

Fact: It works the same way as acidic substances, grinding the teeth causes the teeth to become vulnerable to cavities and not cause its formation.

Myth: Sugar is the main culprit

Fact: The truth is, food containing carbohydrates can lead to cavities as well. If there are food debris left in the mouth, the bacteria digests and turns them to acid. The acids would then cause the enamel to erode; leading to the formation of cavities.


Fact: Dental fillings can fix cavities on the teeth

To restore the structure of the teeth with cavities, a dental filling can be placed. What happens is, the dentists will remove the areas affected and fill it in with filling materials. Then, they would mold it to resemble the appearance of the adjacent structures. At Premier Dental Spa, we understand that our patients may need cosmetic alterations rather than just structural and functional issues. So, we chose to offer fillings that use a tooth-colored material so that patients can enjoy their cavity-free, fully-functional, and beautiful looking smile.


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