The Guide to Teeth Extractions in Tinton Falls, NJ

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Reminders for proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing have been embedded in people’s minds since childhood by both parents and dentists. Despite the advancements in professional dental care, hygiene practices at home still play a significant role in maintaining one’s overall oral health. However, there are those who neglect the proper care of their teeth. The inadequate practice of appropriate oral care makes them more likely to develop complications that will require intensive treatments or even extraction.

Unfortunately, the teeth do not have the ability to heal itself when injured, unlike the bones. Thankfully, the availability of various dental procedures makes it possible for people to have their teeth restored and improved after being damaged by either decay or injuries. As much as the team at Premier Dental Spa want to preserve patients’ teeth, if the extent of damage or decay has covered a large portion of a tooth, it is best to have it removed to prevent it from spreading on the adjacent structures.

To help patients prepare before and after the tooth extraction, we have listed the things they need to do. These will help them have a successful procedure and recovery as well.


Patient inside the dental office



  • Provide all the necessary information to the dentist such as medical history and any taken medications. All these are essential for them to know what to avoid or perform during the procedure to guarantee the comfort and safety of a patient.
  • Having someone with you during the appointment would not only serve as moral support but also as a guide to ensure your safety on the way home.
  • The dentist would make sure that a patient would feel comfortable during the procedure. Anesthetics will be provided to make the extraction a pleasant experience without causing any pain or discomfort.



  • Get plenty of rest at home, avoid exerting too much pressure.
  • Make sure to take the recommended pain relief medications given by the dentist. Follow the given schedule, as well as the dosage.
  • Prevent swelling by applying an ice pack on the side of the face. Do this for 10 to 20 minutes, and repeat if swelling is still present.
  • After 24 hours, rinse the mouth with a salt and water solution to remove any harmful residues that may cause infections.
  • Eat soft foods for the first two days to let the site clot properly. If chewing is needed, make sure to do it on the opposite side.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plain water.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment for the dentist to keep track of its recovery.

Once a tooth is lost, proper dental hygiene should still be practiced at all times to prevent the reoccurrence of complications that may once again cause the need for extraction. To avoid any changes with the bone and facial structures, consult our dentist at Premier Dental Spa for possible restorative options!


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