Precious Smiles Deserve the Strongest Teeth in Tinton Falls, NJ

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Children may not have the biggest hands to pick you up when you fall, but they definitely have the sweetest smiles that can heal your weary soul. In other words, your kids’ smiles are precious. They are gems that need to be treasured and cared for. As a parent, how will you do that? If you are quite unsure of the things that you need to do to keep your child’s pearly whites healthy, we at Premier Dental Spa will be your guide.

Our top recommendations for your child to receive the best oral health is to have them practice oral hygiene at home. Brushing the teeth for two minutes is already a big help—how much more if it is paired with flossing and mouth rinsing routine! Another useful tip that we can give is to let your kids avail the different pediatric dentistry services in our clinic. We have plenty of dental care services for children, from teeth cleanings to sealants. Most importantly, we offer fluoride applications to help our young patients get healthy, strong teeth.



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Strengthen Your Kids’ Pearly Whites With Fluoride!

Topical fluoride application is one of the most commonly performed treatments of dental professionals, especially to young patients. It can either be received through gels, varnish, or foam. Although the formula of fluoride may differ, it has only one goal: strengthen the enamel. So for your kids’ teeth, we encourage you to bring them with us and have their teeth sealed with fluoride. Here are some facts about this mineral to give you a clearer view:

Fact #1 – Fluoride was recognized as the best cavity-fighter

Studies and researchers proved the benefits of fluoride in human teeth. Many agreed that the mineral keeps tooth decay at bay. In one research way back in the 1930s, it is noted that those who had an adequate supply of fluoridated water in their municipal water system were known to have little to no cavities in their teeth.

Fact #2 – The natural-occurring mineral, fluoride, is safe

The use of fluoride, whether from food, water, or topical treatments is effective in shielding the teeth against oral cavities. However, many are still unconvinced about its safety. So for the information of everybody, fluoride has been approved by the American Dental Association which means that it is safe to use.

Fact #3 – Fluoride became a lot more significant in the present-day

The availability of fluoridated public water sources and fluoride treatments in dental clinics nowadays are a great help for people, especially children. Tooth decay is undeniably widespread, but because fluoride is obtainable, many people in the U.S lowered their risk of getting affected by the said oral problem.


Let us at Premier Dental Spa be your partner in terms of your child’s oral health! Have them receive our fluoride application under Pediatric Dentistry services in Tinton Falls, NJ. Visit us now at 709 Sycamore Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ 07701.