Must-Know Dental Implant Facts – Tinton Falls, NJ

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People who are in need of teeth restoration procedures may wonder why dental implants are one of the best choices being offered nowadays. The reason is, out of all the other restorative treatment available, only dental implants provide the most authentic solution.


Patient with dental implants


At Premier Dental Spa, we believe that investing for dental implants is totally worth it. The procedure is performed surgically, so patients can rest assured that it offers better durability and stability. To make it more convincing, we have prepared a list of facts about dental implants that those who are curious about the treatment should know.

Cavity free

One of the biggest concern in oral health is the possible development of cavities. Once this occurs, the overall oral condition can be jeopardized. One good news about dental implants is it cannot develop cavities! Despite this, proper oral hygiene, regular cleanings, and periodic checkups should be maintained to keep the supporting structures in good shape.

Everyone can be a candidate for the procedure

People thought that getting restorations is only possible with adults. What they do not know is as long as someone with a lost tooth has a fully developed jaw, the procedure can be performed. For children, the development of their jaws stops at their teenage years so those who are in the ages of 14 to 17 can already avail dental implants.

Fortunate side effect

Dental implants are screw-like titanium device surgically placed in the jaw bone. There is a particular reason why titanium is used instead of other materials. Not only did NASA proved it to be highly durable (since it is used in space shuttles), it also has a positive effect on the oral structures. To be more specific, the titanium screw can optimize the jaw bone, and it is made possible due to osseointegration – the natural formation of a bond between the post and the jawbone. It does more than just to provide better-looking restoration; it also strengthens the other structures for better oral wellness.


The success of teeth restoration with dental implants is high; to add it becomes a natural part of the mouth. Compared to other available options, dental implants promises to serve as a replacement that can last for a lifetime. For this to be possible, proper oral care and hygiene should be maintained. Seeing the dentist regularly also works best for its maintenance.

So, are you now ready to give your teeth a second chance with dental implants at Premier Dental Spa? Well then, we will be waiting for you!


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