Have a White Christmas with Professional Teeth Whitening in Tinton Falls, NJ

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If there’s a thing that the holiday gathering is not complete without, it’s picture-taking. Since Christmas is around the corner, you might as well want to prepare your smile for the big day. Invest in professional teeth whitening with us at Premier Dental Spa and let the camera capture your dazzling pearly whites!


Teeth Whitening


What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

People nowadays can achieve the smile that they always dreamed of because of professional teeth whitening. Many dentists offer this type of service due to its potential in correcting discoloration and staining. Indeed, the treatment is impressively safe, fast, and affordable when compared to other cosmetic dentistry services. We at Premier Dental Spa offer an in-office whitening treatment with the use of Zoom!


What Is Zoom! Whitening System?

Those with yellow-looking teeth due to the consumption of pigmented beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine can now confidently smile this Christmas with Zoom!. This teeth whitening brand makes use of a gel with a sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide and a special light for the activation of the whitening ingredient. It takes less than an hour for the whole process to finish, making Zoom! teeth whitening a quick, hassle-free treatment. But above all, the main reason why many people love Zoom! is that the teeth are expected to dramatically lighten for up to eight times after receiving the treatment!


Aim To Have A White Smile This Christmas!

While Christmas is considered the merriest time of the year, showcasing your radiant set of pearly whites is always a good idea. But if you are unhappy with the shade of your teeth, you might probably end up not smiling at all. So before your family gathering starts, treat yourself with teeth whitening treatment. And besides, Christmas time is giving time! A bright smile could be the best gift that you can offer to yourself.


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