Teeth Whitening in Tinton Falls, NJ: The Ancient Ways to Whiter Teeth

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Teeth whitening is one of the most in-demand procedures requested by many people nowadays. The procedure is safe and easy to perform which provides visible results in only a short amount of time. Due to its popularity, many products have emerged in the market including over the counter kits and DIY hacks that can be performed in the comfort of patients homes. However, dentists do not recommend its use since it cannot whiten the teeth effectively and can even cause harm to the oral structures.

At Premier Dental Spa, we provide Teeth Whitening products like Zoom, Opalescence or Pola whitening that is performed by a dental professional for an effective and safe treatment. We make sure that our patients receive only the best services available for their dental health care. We do so by providing effective and convenient treatments with the help of our take-home products that are much effective than OTC kits.


The Ancient Ways to Whiter Teeth

  • Ancient Egyptians are known for their concern for beauty which can also be seen for their teeth whitening formula. They concocted a paste by mixing ground pumice and wine vinegar that is applied on the teeth by using a frayed stick.
  • Even the Ancient Romans also came up with a whitening technique. They once believed that Portuguese urine is a stronger cleansing agent that their urine. Jars upon jars of stale urine were shipped from Portugal due to its popularity. The whitening procedure they came up with is the mixture of goat’s milk and stale urine. The whitening agent was actually the traces of ammonia found in urine that slightly brightened their teeth.
  • Physicians once recommended the use of sage, salt, and elecampane flower as a scrub for the teeth.
  • Barbers were once in charge of patients dental health and not only their hair. They used metal files on the teeth to make it abrasive and then use nitric acid for whitening.

The attempts of the ancient people may have been effective at their time, but it caused more complications than benefits to the teeth. Thanks to the advances in technology, dental procedures have also been advancing continuously.

Modern teeth whitening procedures now provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient treatment as well as results to give a smile that many people have always wanted.

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